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"Campesino Tours"

NEW! For the truly adventurous only!

In the jungle rainforest
Osa Aventura recognizes the urgent need to link tourism to the local community, in a meaninful and unforgettable interchange, unheeded by government institutions, non-profit organizations and even ecolodges.  We offer these tours because we believe that community-based tourism should be an integral part of ecotourism, though the reality reflects contrarily.  These tours are for true explorers,  who seek a rustic, even life-changing experience and want to contribute directly to a better future in the Osa Peninsula!  We invite you to inquire via email for more details at .

These campesino tours are off the beaten track on the Osa Peninsula, in and around hundreds of hectacres of protected lands known as the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve.  This reserve is contiguous with the boundaries of the national park, Corcovado, and stretches eastward to link with the Piedras Blancas National Park and Térraba-Sierpe National Wetland,  creating an important biological corredor.  This corredor encompasses several small communities and subsistence farmers, including Mogos, Rincon, La Palma, Dos Brazos and Piro, however, the  interior of this reserve harbors virtually unexplored wildlands, which offer great wildlife viewing opportunities, unparalleled vistas and pristine forests. 

The Osa Peninsula is not just a national park and wildlife, but many human lives nurturing or destroying the hope of conserving one of the most biodiverse areas on Earth.  Tourism has certainly brought about a new mentality:  transforming the destructive practice of solely extracting resources from the land to one of protection and wise use.  However, economics benefits of tourism rarely have reached the locals (campesinos), who have been residing in these lands for their entire life, and have decided to remain on their lands, but now find themselves compelled by outside pressures to sell.

Instead of selling their land, many of these campesinos are working to diversify their economic opportunities by developing local tourism intiatives.  We offer these new tours as direct support for the campesinos, who subsist in rural areas of the peninsula and are actively interested in protecting their lands, sharing with others their hospitality, knowledge of the forest, and the local history of the peninsula. 

There are many locales on the Osa Peninsula, which we are hoping to add to these new tour options, though it will take time to compile information for the website.  Please check back periodically for updates or contact us directly if you wish to contribute to the development of these tours as a pioneer!