Adventure Tours of the Osa Peninsula, Corcovado National Park, and  Caño Island Biological Reserve

(All-Inclusive Packages)

The following adventure tours of the Osa Peninsula are offered as complete packages. What is included in the cost of each package is clearly stated at the end of the detailed description of each tour. Osa Aventura has designed these tours to share with you the most beautiful aspects of this remote and stunning Peninsula – Costa Rica´s best kept secret!

Crossing a river"Corcovado Adventure Expedition"
10 days / 9 Nights (December to April only)
NOTE: temporarily unavailable due to closure of the San Pedrillo trail


This is a real adventure, which will test you, excite you and scare you! By 4x4 vehicle, on foot, by boat, kayak and canoe, we explore the length and breadth of the Osa Peninsula. We explore the diverse and majestic rainforests, rivers and beaches of Corcovado National Park. And then we go whale watching and snorkeling in the fish-rich waters around Caño Island Biological Reserve or scuba diving, if you choose that option. By day and by night, we hike for 55 kilometers (37 miles) over three days – at one point we may have to build a raft to make a river crossing! We immerse ourselves in the rugged wildness of Corcovado, and then seek refuge in the informal warmth and luxury of Las Caletas. We feel exhausted, yet exhilarated and fulfilled by our achievements. This is a tough and exciting adventure!

Price: $2,280 p.p. (2 to 3 people) or $2,130 p.p. (4 to 6 people)

A Jungle Odyssey"
Splashing in a waterfall10 days / 9 Nights (All year)


This package immerses you in the in the untamed wilds of Corcovado National Park then pampers you when you emerge at the enchanting Lookout Inn. We fly by light aircraft into the heart of Corcovado National Park, at Sirena Biological Station – an exciting experience, giving us stunning aerial views of this remote park! Over the next two days we explore the incredible natural riches of this area, by day and by night, on foot and by canoe. We leave Corcovado at night! At midnight we don our packs and hike along the 19 kilometers (11 miles) coastal trail south to Carate – by moonlight or starlight the ambience is surreal, and we often encounter many animals en route, including tapirs and crocodiles, and occasionally pumas! We arrive at a beautiful jungle lodge for breakfast, and for the next two days we enjoy a well-earned rest, in pampered luxury. But, our adventures are not over! We head off on another trek off the beaten track to meet an old gold miner. This amazing old guy move hundreds of tons of rock each year to eke out a meager living searching for gold. His lifestyle will is incredible!

Price: $2,402 p.p. (2 to 3 people) or $2,200 p.p. (4 to 6 people)

"The Corcovado Explorer"
Mike and a woman with a boa10 days / 9 Nights (All year)


As its name suggests, this adventure offers an extensive exploration of the remote Corcovado National Park, described by The National Geographic as "the most biological intense place on earth". This package is for the adventurer passionate about the natural beauty and wonders of wild places. We savor the local culture and food at the charming Jardine de Aves lodge, and experience life on a working research farm, Sierra de Osa. Then we forego the trappings of civilization, don our packs and hike, by day and by night, through the wildlife-rich, pristine rainforests of Corcovado. By foot and by canoe we explore the forests, rivers and beaches of this incredible place. We search for peccaries, monkeys, crocodiles, snakes and sharks. This incredible National Park hosts a plethora of beautiful birds and is Costa Rica’s last stronghold for many endangered species, the jaguar among them! We emerge from the jungles of Corcovado tiered, yet exhilarated. Our reward is two days of pampered luxury at the beautiful Lookout Inn – the perfect end to our adventures!

Price: $2,201 p.p. (2 to 3 people) or $2,015 p.p. (4 to 6 people)