Photo Gallery ~ Wildlife

Blue-throated golden hummingbird eggs

Flag bug

Dolphins Golfo Dulce

Dolphin Golfo Dulce

Crested Owl

Cerambicid beetle

Unknown caterpillar

Crocodile blending with the surroundings

An agriggation of caterpillars


Hidden red-eyed tree frog


Golden Hooded Tanagers

Killer whale off Corcovado

Iguana iguana

Hyla rosenbergi

Hyla rosenbergii

Hyla rosenbergii

Leptophis ahaetula

Leptophis ahaetula

Jaguar - Playa Corcovado

Leatherback Turtle - Playa Carate

Bottle-nose dolphin

Norops capito

Parrot Fish

Juvenile Tapir

Rebecca with a Jaguarundi cub

Pyllobates vittatus

Dendrophidion precarinatum

Large terrestrail snail

Scarlet Macaws at dawn

Red-eyed Tree Frog tadpoles

Red-capped Manakin

Spectacle caiman

Olive ridley, Golfo dulce

Three-toed sloth

Tapir at Sirena

Large wolf spider

Vanilla orchid

Trying Cacao

Tree Boa - by Roy Toft

Wolf Spider

White hawk

A large Fer-de-Lance!

3 m plus Croc in mouth of Rio Sirena, Aug '06

A nut case, Rio Tarcoles!

A macho white-faced capuchin

A mornings takings of gold!

An orgy of A spurreli

Alex adoring a baby boa!

Baby croc basking, Rio Sirena

Bull shark, Rio Sirena

Crazy lady, Rio Sirena

Cat-eyed snake eating Red-eyed tree frog eggs, By Roy Toft

Cacutus Rio Coto

Bull Shark, Rio Sirena

Dendrobates auratus

Dangling from the roof of the Lookout Inn!

Dolphins, Golfo Dulce

Dolphin, Golfo Dulce

Dog days

Dendrobates granuliferous, Rio Claro, Corcovado

Eye-lash viper, Rio Madrigal

Hyla ebriccata

Ichneumon wasp ovipositing

Jaguar print, above Rio Oro

Largest marine toad I've ever seen, Playa Sirena

Look at those golden eyes! - by Roy Toft

Laura and I doing croc stuff, Rio Sirena - by Roy Toft

Laura and Mike doing crock stuff - by Roy Toft

Pelagic Sea snake

Puma Rio Sirena

Nesting Leatherback, Playa Carate

Newly hatched crocs, Rio Sirena

Nilo's first toad

Ocelot caught on camera trap at Bosque del Cabo Lodge

Phyllobates vitattus

Rebeca with jaguarundi cub

Rebeca and a jaguarundi cub

Re-exposure of Whale Shark, Golfo Dulce

Spectacled caiman

Tree boa in an ambush postion

The only photo of Osceclia osa

Two scarlet macaws by Joe W.

Two large crocs, Rio Rincon

Vine Snake by Roy Toft

Whale sharks, Golfo Dulce

Whale sharks, Golfo Dulce

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