Photo Gallery ~ On The Tours

Crocodiles at Rio Sirena

Mike demonstrating a coral snake

Canoeing up the Rio Sirena

Hiking through the jungle

Mike contemplating

Mike with a snake

Alvaro demonstrating gold panning

Walking through the river


Ted (our webmaster) on hike

Hiking through the jungle


Rebeca and Ted

Hiking along the rocks

Walking along the beach

Along the sea?s edge

Crossing the Rio Claro

Fording a ravine - Rio Madrigal

Laura & Mike with a crocodile

Ray, Ang and Jorge

Strange bug nymph

A simple goldminers camp

Alvaro and Geddie Lee

Alvaro making coffee in his frugal camp!

Alvaro making a medical potion!

Arrival at Sirena

Arriving at Sirena Station after a long hike from Los Patos

Aphelandra linguibova!

Cooling off

Cooling off in Rio Danta

Cooling off again!

Captivated by a butterfly!

Canoeing up the Rio Sirena

Dawn en route to San Pedrillo

Gadding around up the Rio Madrigal

Fording a ravine, Rio Madrigal

En Route to Rio Nuevo Lodge

Emma with snake, Terrapin

Eek, my feet!

Hot springs, Arenal

Hiking across the Osa Peninsula en route to Carate

I get the most unlikely people to play with snakes

Jorge, Mike and Jim with croc we relocated Playa Nicuesa to Pejeperrito Lagoon, Marcg 07 ( It returned three months later!)

Jorge 'long sword'

Jorge and tourist canoeing Rio Sirena

Herp geeks playing around with a nigrocinctus

Look at my feet!

Last river crossing to San Pedrillo!

La Leona tent camp

La Leon in Corcovado

Luis Angulo

Mike and Alvaro, just before Alvaro leaves his camp for good!

Making a raft to cross the Rio Llorona

Margo kayaking Golfo Dulce

Mud beauty treatment

Mud bath!

Molly cracking open a coconut

Mike with a large tropical bird snake, Rio Nuevo

Mike handing Alex a large marine toad

Mike discussing pollination of a heliconia

Mike demonstrating an Allens coral snake

Mike bitten by a salmon-bellied racer!

Paul Trader Student Group

Paul Trader Student Group eating coconut

One of Paul Trader's Students admiring a mussarana

Paul, his students and a boa!

Paul Trader's students with baby howler monkey

Paul Trader's students enjoying dinner at Luna Lodge

Paul Trader's students disgusted by Alvaro's medicinal potion

Paul Trader's student group planting a tree in memory of a lost class mate

Paul Trader's student group

On shoot in Serina

Rayner pointing out a leaf-cutter ant colony to Paul Trader's student group

Rayner explaing aspects of rainforest ecology

Rausel and Mike, Rio Sirena

Roy Toft, Rio Sirena

Robleto showing Paul Trader's studen group how to open a coconut

Resting en route to goldminers camp up Rio Oro

Some gold that Alvaro panned from the Rio Oro

Students having fun

Student group posing at mouth of Rio Madrigal

These pools are irresistable!


Waterfall rapelling at El Remanso Lodge

Waterfall at Playa Llorona

Using a balsa leaf as a fan!

Yolo Williams, Mike and documentary team

Zip-lining at El Remanso Lodge

Yolo Williams and Mike at Carate waiting for a plane to take us to Sirena to shoot a documentary

We're all being amused by monkeys

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