Photo Gallery ~ Educational Programs

Lulu a female howler monkey

Captivated by a butterfly

Learning indigenous craft

La Leona Tent Camp

Jumping into the Golfo Dulce!

Hiking on Playa Carate!

Handling a harmless racer

Group photo in Corcovado

Getting a pull across the Rio Agua Buena!

En Route to Rio Nuevo Lodge

Cruising the Golfo Dulce

Cooling off in the Rio Madrigal!

Cooling off in a moutain creek during a long trek to Carate

Beguiled by monkeys!

At the Animal Sanctuary!

Alexis just loves this baby boa!

Alexis beguiled by a harmless mussarana!

Resting en route to goldminers camp up Rio Oro

Paul with his students and a boa

Paul and his students hiking in the hills of the Osa!,

Paul Trader's Student Group planting a tree in memory of a lost clas mate

Passing though a gorge on the Madrigal River!

Passing through gorge on the Rio Madrigal!

Mud beauty treatment!

Opening a cocnut - the easy way!

Mike advising a student about his project!

Mike handing Alex a large marine toad!

Robleto showing Student Group 2007 how to open a coconut! - while on a kayak trip

Swim time!

Students with baby howler monkey

Students having fun

Students disgusted by Alvaro's medicinal potion!

Student group posing at mouth of rio Madrigal, 03

Zip-lining at El Remanso Lodge

You never know what might land on you!

We're all being amused by monkeys!

Waterfall rapelling at El Remanso Lodge

Walking to La Leona Lodge!

Trying cacao

This parakeet just loved guests at the Animal Sanctuary!

Ted and his students with lots of energy, despite thier long trek!

Tasting fruit at Casa Orchadia Gardens


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