Why the Osa?

Mike amid the roots of a big treeIt is the unanimous opinion of all those who have visited the Osa Peninsula that it is by far the most beautiful part of Costa Rica — the country’s best kept secret! It is certainly the most remote and least spoilt area of the country, and over one third of its pristine beauty is protected by Corcovado, the crown jewels of Costa Rica’s National Parks. The Osa has no paved roads, no resort hotels and condominiums - it still feels wild and exciting, and beckons to be explored!

The Osa Peninsula and Corcovado have some impressive statistics indeed:

*They hold the largest and most impressive expanse of lowland tropical rainforest in Costa Rica. And these forests are the most majestic in Central America, rivaling in grandeur the best that the Amazon can offer

*They are the last strongholds in Costa Rica — indeed, in some cases, Central America! — for many endangered species. To name but a few:

A peccary A jaguar Mike handling a cayman

A scarlet macaw
A woman with a boa
Fording a river
A sloth

*And the forests of the Osa are home to the richest assemblage of plants and animals anywhere in Central America. Over 700 species of trees, for example, have been recorded in the area, many times more species than found in the whole of the North American continent. The National Geographic described these forests as ‘the most biologically intense on earth’. Indeed, the stupefying abundance of wildlife in Corcovado will attest to this; there are monkeys everywhere; sharks and crocodiles feeding together in the Park’s river mouths; and jaguars patrolling the beaches for nesting turtles. And the birds? Wow!! Just being in these forests is like experiencing a living wildlife documentary!

For more information about "Why the Osa" visit AMBICOR - a trust fund created to support, develop and protect the Corcovado